The LM Managed Performance Fund

This fund is into its 12th year of outperforming currency benchmarks, with capital stability. The LM Managed Performance Fund has withstood the Global Financial Crisis and is now poised to benefit from the settlement and sell down of significant assets that have been accumulated across Australia.

The ‘Maddison Estate’ project is now at pre-sale stage. Access for complete information.

Maddison Estate is an Australian first lifestyle development where families can enjoy a lifestyle without the daily grind of hours in a motor vehicle. It offers multi living opportunities, a beach volleyball centre, a swim centre, Dreamworld and Movie World across the road, a train station, many schools and shopping.

The estate is also planned to benefit from the world’s first continuous surfing wave park developed by the company behind 11-time surfing champion Kelly Slater. An exclusive agreement is in place, with discussions continuing. This will offer anyone aspiring to learn to surf to be able to do so, without the contemplation of sharks or dangerous rips.

The LM Managed Performance Fund has a number of great assets, however the Maddison Estate investment will anchor fund returns for the next two to three years.

Maddison Estate is so critical to the growth corridor of South East Queensland, that it has been granted ‘Major Project’ status, of State Government significance.

The fund’s Portfolio Manager has the liquidity balanced to continue to provide investor returns with capital stability.

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